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Animating Volume 2: Don’t Have A Family

May 19th, 2017

Children’s Books Editor Ursula Nordstrom gives Margaret some advice.

Nordstrom from ckelly on Vimeo.

Animating Volume 4: Tell Me You Love Me

April 26th, 2017

Tell Me You Love Me from ckelly on Vimeo.

Animating Volume 4: Birds

April 25th, 2017

Michael's Love is Like A Bird from ckelly on Vimeo.

Coming Soon: Volume 4: The Analysis of Margaret Wise Brown

March 28th, 2017

In All that Brown the Sun Went Down won  a AxP Zine Grant, First Prize. So I decided to make a new volume that tries to come up with a psychological answer for why Margaret was love with Michael. Dr. Bak and I put our heads together and come up with an analysis: 


The zine will be available by mid-April.







Still knocking around this idea

March 20th, 2017






Volume 4: In All This Brown the Sun Went Down

December 19th, 2016


I’m back in my studio sketching out Volume 4 of the comic In All That Brown the Sun Went Down — an ongoing zine abut the life and loves of Margaret Wise Brown.  In this issue I will attempt to show why on earth Margaret fell in love with the high maintenance and dismissive Michael Strange. Unfortunately no letters between the two exist in Margaret Wise Brown’s archives. They do exist somewhere. I just have to find them. In the meantime, Dr. Bak and I have our theories about this unlikely pair. I’ll also be introducing new characters: Maude Adams the turn of the century sapphic stage actress  and the illustrator Garth Williams, who bucks the bunny trend and appears  in the story as a raccoon.

Stay tuned!


Sehsapsing Corn

December 12th, 2016

This spring I sent some of the seeds to a grower in Pennsylvania. She recently sent me these pictures. I love that these beautiful corn seeds I started in Canarsie with the Maize Field project in 2010 are still being grown and shared.

img_0782 img_0843 img_0844 img_0851




Article About Cats

October 31st, 2016

I wrote this for

Morbid Anatomy Museum In Gowanus And BAMcinématek In Fort Greene Take On Analog Cats

Press about Gowanus Underworld

October 17th, 2016


DNA info

Brooklyn Eagle

Brooklyn Paper

Untapped Cities







Sold to the Ladies!

October 13th, 2016


In 1936 three young working women from Manhattan made their way to Hamilton Avenue and the banks of the fetid Gowanus Canal where they bid $160 on an old canal barge, fixed it up with their pals and some curious and amused Gowanus characters and eventually turned it into a summer home! This is one of the stories featured in our piece Gowanus Underworld. These impulsive and spirited woman were an inspiration to me and Amy. Amy went as far to republish the book Dorthy Bennett wrote about their experience and I painted the cover. I keep telling Amy we should re-enact their experience.

Anyone got a barge to sell for $160?



October 13th, 2016


Here’s another reason I love living in NYC — on a random Wednesday night its possible to see an obscure classic of Soviet Cinema. Mne dvadsat let (I am Twenty) by Marlen Khutsiev was playing at MoMA last Wednesday.  It was a great, sprawling film. The MoMA description describes it as “evoking the spiritual, intellectual, and sexual restlessness of young Muscovites during the Thaw.” And indeed 1965 Moscow did look very hip in this film. The signature scene of the film comes at the very end when the main character Sergei encounters the ghost / vision of his father who died in the trenches of WW2. Sergei has so much to ask his father, there is so much he wants to learn from him. His ghost/ vision father ask Sergei how old he is. Sergei replies that he is 23. And then his father responds, I am only 21. The scene is moving. And it came to mind again just a couple days ago when my son Huck, who is 8, asked me if I had any pictures of “the guy who helped make him” (Huck was made with the help of a sperm donor). I told him I did have a picture of the guy, but in the picture the guy is actually the same age Huck.  Huck didn’t say anything. I’m guessing he just filed the information away to revisit later. But I wondered how odd it could be to show Huck the photo of his “donor dad”. The photo is of a kid. It’s a school picture with a bluish sky background. The kid is dressed up with a button up shirt and a pointy collar. What would Huck make of a little boy his same age being his “dad”.  And so, for a brief moment that final scene in I am Twenty came to my mind. Fathers, sons, time… Anyway. Maybe I’ll just file this thought away, to revisit later.


Gowanus Underworld

September 15th, 2016

Here’s an excerpt from a new project “Gowanus Underworld”  in collaboration with Amy Sohn,  opening October 1st at Trestle Projects:  For the project found objects along the waters are cast in concrete and displayed to conjure forgotten narratives of the neighborhood – going back 150 years – and audio recordings play monologues based on these tales.


And soon, off the drawbridge, we had our first glimpse of the Gowanus Canal, a filthy, dirty, turgid stream, clogged with scows and tugs and barges. The gray gates loomed just beyond:  Simmons Dry-dock, 500 Hamilton Avenue. We entered the new world of the waterfront. Long slips with queer craft from the far corners of the earth: The Favorita from Siberian shores, the Santa Eulalia from the tropic south, the Dauntless from the reefs of the Caribbean, and the Iron King from the fishing banks of Newfoundland. Clustered at one end of a pier around the two cabin barges and the yacht were longshoremen, tug owners, and shipping masters. Some fifty of them swarmed over the decks and through the cabins on tours of inspection.We had our eye on a sixty-foot, forty-ton welding barge.

Dorothy Bennett, 26
518 Hamilton Avenue, Summer 1936