Christina Kelly

In All That Brown the Sun Went Down

volume4Children’s Book Author! Mid Century Lesbian! Freudian Analysand!
A comic series based on the life of the Margaret Wise Brown.  Margaret Wise Brown was the author of many classic children’s books including Goodnight Moon (1947) and The Runaway Bunny (1942). She was part of an innovative moment in children’s literature that worked to capture the direct language and everyday experience of childhood. The comic is inspired by actual events and relationships from Brown’s life. It’s framed around  imagined sessions with her real-life Freudian analyst, Dr. Robert Bak.
With Dr. Bak, Margaret examines her tempestuous 10-year love affair with Michael Strange, a woman 20 years older than Margaret; her frustration at not being to write successfully for adults; and the animosity she endures from the children’s book librarian at the NYPL.  All the characters in the comic are hand-drawn as rabbits, symbolizing the ways childhood informs our adult relationships and how adults sometimes act like children

Hand-bound, laser-printed zines available for purchase:
VOLUME 1: Desolation, 30 pages
VOLUME 2: Fur, 30 pages
VOLUME 3: Cat Life: The Here and Now, 40 pages
VOLUME 4: Rapprochement, 36 pages NEW!
$10/ single Volume
$46.65/ for limited edition, signed box set