Christina Kelly

Ride, Don’t Advertise! The City Stickers


City Stickers, 2013
100% Removeable and Resuable Stickers for NYC Bike Share.
Collaboration with Maddalena Polletta

In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to depend on corporations’ largesse calculated on their own self-interest to provide services for the public good.

We recognize that this is one of the strategies used to finance public projects, yet when one goes to a game at Citifield one is not obliged to wear a t-shirt advertising Citibank. Unfortunately the same is not true for the bikes. Citibank’s logo appears five times on each of the 6000 bikes. We believe this is excessive advertising and it creates a situation in which participants in the program have no choice but to promote a bank they may feel uncomfortable with. Citibank is, after all, one of the big banks that misled investors on exposure to subprime mortgages and used Federal bailout funds for bonuses. Our stickers provide riders a choice as to whether or not to promote the bank while they are riding. To avoid publicizing the bank while riding stickers can placed over each logo. After the ride the sticker is removed and the bike is restored to being the advertisement that Citibank is entitled to through its sponsorship.

Set includes:  4 CITY stickers to cover the citibank logo on the wheel and frame. AND 1 citybike sticker to cover the front basket.
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